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Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12)

Food Technology - Stage 6

Food Technology is an exciting and diverse course that provides students with a broad knowledge of Food related concepts. Food is life and students learn the value of food in all areas of society from the agricultural industry to all the processes that take it to the kitchen table. Students engage in practical tasks that support their learning of the functional properties of food. They are encouraged to look beyond the content and think critically about issues with discussion and reflection. Students are provided with the opportunity to visit and learn from food industries in the local community and engage in food related events to support their learning. Students also consolidate their learning through a variety of hands-on and practical activities.


The Food Technology Course includes the following units:


Stage 6 Preliminary Course Stage 6 HSC Course
Food Availability and Selection The Australian food industry
Food Quality Food Manufacture
Nutrition Food Product Development
  Contemporary Nutrition Issues