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Senior Science

The study of Senior Science provides students with a contemporary and coherent understanding of some of the basic laws, theories and principles of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Environmental Science and their "real world" applications.

Throughout this course students will become familiar with the core units

  • Water for living – The importance of clean unpolluted water to human life and the success of the Australian environment. 
  • Plants – The structure and function of plants, how they grow and the benefits to the environment.
  • Humans at Work – The parts and functions of body systems and how they assist us in the workforce.
  • The Local Environment –The energy flow in ecosystems and the impact of human activity has on the environment.
  • Lifestyle Chemistry – The chemical and physical properties of everyday products used for cleaning the human body and the administration of medications.
  • Medical Technologies – The technologies used to repair of improve the body's natural functioning.
  • Information Systems – The modes and importance of communications in today's functioning society.

Student will have the option to study one of the following elective units

  • Disasters – The occurrence, prediction and prevention of natural disasters.
  • Space Science – The importance of space exploration and the material used to make space exploration possible.
  • Pharmaceuticals – The nervous system and how it interacts and transports pharmaceuticals around the body.
  • Preservatives and Additives – The use of preservatives for food appearance and preservation and the government regulations that apply to their use.
  • Polymers – the use and development of plastics and polymers that are used in everyday life.

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