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Human Society and its Environment

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The mandatory subjects studied are History and Geography from Years 7 to 10 and LOTE in Year 7. Year 9 and 10 students may also study Commerce or an elective History topic. Senior students may choose from a range of humanity subjects at Blayney High School including Ancient History, Modern History, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Geography.

In History, students investigate ancient civilisations such as Rome and Egypt, Medieval Europe and Asia right through to recent times in Australian history including our involvement in the world wars.

In Geography, students learn about ecosystems, plants and animals, cultures of the world, environmental issues facing society today and investigate solutions to those problems.  Geography therefore includes field work and research.


The HSIE teaching staff are:

Mr G Honan - Head Teacher History/Geography

Mr J Cormie - Teacher History/Geography/Commerce

Mrs C Mehmet - Teacher History/Geography

Mr Y Qureshi - Teacher  History/Geography