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Support Classes

Types of Classes

There are currently two support classes at Blayney High School. One caters for students who have autism or intellectual disabilities and the other is a multi-categorical class for students who have a diverse range of learning, social and emotional support needs. Both classes facilitate the learning of students from years 7 to 12, ensuring they have access to appropriate curriculum and a wide variety of learning experiences, in both the support class and integration classes. Students in these classes are also monitored and supported to help them develop their social, organisational, independent living and emotional coping skills. Furthermore students in these classes have additional opportunities to participate in excursions that support the development of these skills through sporting, cultural and community based activities.

Regardless of their class placement or level of integration, each student has a tailored Individual Education Plan (IEP) developed to meet their individual learning needs and goals.

Individualised Education Plans (IEPs) and Support

Each year support teachers meet with parents and caregivers to develop Individual Education Plans to establish learning goals and discuss strategies and interventions that may support student learning or social and emotional growth. These plans are then communicated to all teachers and support staff who work with the student, so they are best able to support the student to work towards meeting their individual learning goals.  The Education Plan is then reviewed and amended after 6 months, or after significant events, to ensure that the goals and strategies are still relevant and appropriate and to adjust the level of support being provided. Teachers are also available throughout the year, over the phone or by appointment, to discuss with parents and caregivers any concerns they have about their child’s learning or wellbeing.

Student Behaviour Support and Calming Plans

In addition to an education plans some students who need a greater level of behavioural or emotional support may have a Student Behaviour Support Plan or Calming Plan. These plans are developed for students who are struggling with their behaviour and emotional responses, providing them with strategies and options to help them manage their behaviour and emotions.

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