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Renaissance Reading



 Accelerated Reader (AR) or Renaissance Reading is a computerised reading management program.

The program is designed to strengthen the reading skills essential for learning in any subject by practising with comprehension quizzes and close-reading activities on over 27,000 children’s books.

Renaissance Reading has been incorporated into our English programs for 2 years. All students in all Junior English classes areinvolved in the reading program. 

Students complete a STAR Reading Assessment which generates their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) - a zone individualised to the students reading ability which recommends a range of books they can select to read. Students attempt to reach fortnightly point targets based on results from quizzes.

Students receive fortnightly Vivo points and Merit awards when targets are met; they also get the opportunity to attend 2 excursions throughout the year as a reward for reaching half yearly targets.

Results from the STAR Assessment and Accelerated Reader quizzes allows teachers to identify the areas that individual students or class groups require to support their reading and learning. Strategies and interventions put in place may include:

  • Guided or modelled reading
  • Phases of Learning
  • Phonetics/sound blends
  • Parent-teacher correspondence for monitoring reading
  • Reading fluency techniques
  • Super 6 strategies
  • Inferential questioning practice
  • Assistance with completing the quizzes etc.
  • Memory activities and skills