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Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8)

Science provides an empirical way of answering interesting and important questions about the biological, physical and technological world.

As students actively engage in the processes of Working Scientifically, they gain an increased appreciation and understanding of the importance of science in their own lives and society, locally and globally. Through questioning and seeking solutions to problems, students develop an understanding of the relationships between science and technology and its importance in the current and future practice of Science.

During Year 7 and 8 students will study Science in the context of

  • The Living World – Students relate the structure and function of living things to their classification, survival and reproduction and explain how new biological evidence changes people's understanding of the world.
  • The Chemical World – Students explain how scientific understanding of, and discoveries about, the properties of elements, compounds and mixtures relate to their uses in everyday life.
  • The Physical World – Students discuss how scientific understanding and technological developments have contributed to finding solutions to problems involving energy transfers and transformations and develop an understanding of unbalanced forces in everyday situations.
  • Earth and Space – Students explain how advances in scientific understanding of processes that occur within and on the Earth, influence the choices people make about resource use and management.