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"The only way to LEARN mathematics is to DO mathematics" Paul Halmos

Mathematics expresses itself in almost every aspect of life. Be it the day-to-day activities of measurement, managing purchases, following mobile phone data usage or even baking, we often don't realise the maths around us. Students often believe maths is about ‘getting the correct answer', but mathematics is the methodical and logical process of solving problems and understanding and interpreting what the results mean.

The Mathematics faculty at Blayney High School consists of 6 teachers providing a comprehensive and positive mathematics environment with the interests of students front and center. We aim to maximise the potential of every student.

Students will develop an awareness of the importance of mathematics and knowledge, skills and understanding in the following areas:

  • Working Mathematically
  • Communicating Mathematically
  • Reasoning
  • Understanding
  • Fluency

The following diagram shows the scope of the strands and substrands in Mathematics, and illustrates the central role of Working Mathematically in mathematics teaching and learning.


Working Mathematically


"Judge a person by their questions rather than their answers" attributed to Voltaire


The 2016 Mathematics Teaching Staff are:

Ms M Anderson - Head Teacher, Mathematics Teacher

Mr M Cambey - Mathematics Teacher

Mr P Connell - Mathematics Teacher

Ms A Riley - Mathematics Teacher

Mr D Dinger - Mathematics Teacher, Learning Support Teacher