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Science explains the way the world works. It is all around us, not something that happens in a laboratory.

It is our mission to give students the skills necessary to make sense of the everyday world around them in a logical and reasoning way.  

We want:

  • to motivate discovery;
  • to nurture interest;
  • to develop knowledge and capability.   

We aim to prepare students for future change by fostering technological literacy, adaptability and self esteem. This will be achieved through building connections, promoting creative thinking and problem solving in a quality, cooperative learning environment.

We have high expectations of our students and we encourage students to have the same belief in  themselves.

The 2018 Science teaching staff are:

Ms M Dowsett - Head Teacher, Science/Agriculture Teacher

Mr R Allen - Science Teacher

Mr A Colson - Science Teacher

Mr K Jones - Science/Agriculture Teacher

Ms R Croft - Science/Agriculture Teacher


The staff are receptive to the individual needs of all students at Blayney High. For more information regarding our faculty area do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 6368 2100.


Stage 4 Years 7 and 8

Stage 5 Years 9 and 10

Stage 6 Years 11 and 12