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Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10)

Through applying the processes of Working Scientifically, students use scientific inquiry to develop their understanding of science ideas and concepts, as well as the importance of scientific evidence.

Stage 5 Science enables students to develop a positive self-concept as learners and gain confidence in and enjoyment from their learning. Through active participation in challenging and engaging experiences they become self-motivated, independent learners that provide opportunities for students to continue to strengthen these scientific capabilities, to help them further develop as scientifically literate citizens.

During Years 7 and 8, students will study Science in the context of:

  • The Living World – Students explain how biological understanding has advanced through scientific discoveries, technological developments and the needs of society through the analysis of interactions between components and processes within biological systems.
  • The Chemical World – Students discuss the importance of chemical reactions in the production of a range of substances, and the influence of society on the development of new materials using models, theories and laws about matter that have been refined as new scientific evidence becomes available.
  • The Physical World – Students explain how scientific understanding about energy conservation, transfers and transformations are applied in systems with the use of models, theories and laws to explain situations involving energy, force and motion.
  • Earth and Space –Students explain how scientific knowledge about global patterns of geological activity and interactions involving global systems can be used to inform decisions related to contemporary issues. This includes changing ideas about the structure of the Earth and the universe.