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Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12)

Senior Agriculture (Stage 6)

In Stage 6 Agriculture, we develop students' knowledge and understanding about the production and marketing of both animal and plant products.

This course includes theory and practical tasks, that include first hand investigations, analysis of secondary sources and laboratory work.

The Preliminary course incorporates the study of the interactions between the components of agricultural production, marketing and management, while giving consideration to the issues of sustainability of the farming system. This is an ‘on-farm', environment-orientated course.

Students and calf 

Preliminary Course

In the Preliminary Course students will learn about:

  • Agricultural systems
  • Agricultural history
  • Social aspects surrounding agriculture
  • The farm as a unit of production
  • Farm management
  • Marketing
  • Farm technology
  • The agricultural workplace
  • Plants and their commercial production
  • Animals, climate and resource interaction
  • Microbes, invertebrates and pests
  • Technology
  • Experimental design and research
  • Animals and their commercial production
  • Plants, climate and resource interaction.


HSC Course

The Higher School Certificate course builds upon the Preliminary course. It examines the complexity and scientific principles of the components of agricultural production and places a greater emphasis on farm management to maximise productivity and environmental sustainability.

During the HSC year students will learn about:

  • Soil, nutrients and water
  • Factors contributing to the degradation of soil and water
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Plant production systems
  • Constraints on plant production
  • Managing plant production
  • Animal nutrition
  • Animal growth and development
  • Animal reproduction and genetics
  • Animal pests and diseases
  • Animal ethics and welfare
  • Experimental analysis and research in plant/animal systems
  • The farm as a business
  • Decision-making processes and management strategies
  • Agricultural technology
  • Marketing of a specific farm product


Students will choose ONE of the following electives to study:

  • Agri-food, Fibre and Fuel Technologies
  • Climate Challenge
  • Farming for the 21st Century